How do you count visits?
As an example, if someone clicks from your site over to pornsharing.com, and wetplace.com, we would count those as a double visit. If that person visits five of our sites, you'll be credited for five visits. For the best rates, please index all of our sites.
Do you have any delay with stats counting?
Yes we do. We import stats from Google Analytics API so we have 1-2 days delay. It depends on your GMT.
What kind of traffic you accept?
We only accept traffic from our thumbs to our content. No skim or popup traffic allowed.
We reserve the right to reduce your rates if traffic quality (average time on site, average pages views, bounce rate) is not good.
No hit-bot traffic allowed, your account will be closed without payments if found any.
Do you have webmaster referral program?
Our affiliate program is a simple and beneficial way for you to generate additional revenue. Webmaster's have their individual link to be placed upon other websites and forums, for every registration, after clicking that link, webmasters will become an affiliate for life
How much can I earn in the affiliate program during payout?
When your affiliates generate revenue, you will receive 5% payout during the lifetime of union. The funds will not be taken from the affiliates portion, they our taken from our cut of the revenue. You must be an active webmaster within our program for eligibility for this rev-share, with payment following the new month's numbers.
How often will I get paid?
We pay monthly. We send payouts on first numbers of each month. If those days happen to fall in a weekend, we pay on the nearest working day which is usually Monday.
Is there a minimum amount to reach in order to receive a payout?
The minimum payout is set at $100 but you can always raise it in your payment details.
If you didn't reach your minimum payout, your earnings will be carried over to the next period until the minimum payout is reached.
How is it possible to gain a, $100.00 bonus for registration?
The process is very simple. Through your registration into the system, you utilize your ability to send us at least, 100,000 visitors to the network, and in return, you will receive a, $100.00 bonus with the next payment.
What countries do you buy traffic from?
Good Countries up to $2 per 1K:

AU Australia
AT Austria
BE Belgium
CA Canada
DK Denmark
FI Finland
FR France
DE Germany
GR Greece
IS Iceland
IE Ireland
IT Italy
JP Japan
LU Luxembourg
NL Netherlands
NZ New Zealand
NO Norway
SG Singapore
ES Spain
SE Sweden
CH Switzerland
GB United Kingdom

The other countries $0,25 per 1K
How can I contact you?
Email: admin@pornsharing.com